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Manufactured by Wonder products


Material Safety Data Sheet


Fast release (white) for use in cassette and portable toilets.

SANITIZE - cassette that contains chemicals:

To clean bottom cassette, break 2 tablets and put into 2 cups hot water & pour into cassette then half fill with cold water & leave 1 day, next day turn upside down for another day then empty & rinse out.


Break 1/2 tablet drop into bottom cassette with 1/2 cup water (no more tablet) this will last 4 days usage.

Top flushing tank (if you have one) leave as water, no chemical required.

Bowl & Seat - Cruch lightly 1/4 tablet dissolve in hot water and pour into 700 ml spray bottle & use this to spray around bowl and seat.  In hot weather spray bowl more often, and if you have an odour simply flush more water.

No other chemical to use with Odour-b-gone.

Using the toilet for liquids only, you will find some tablet left, this is normal just tip out.

Remember to flush a little more if an odour occurs.

MASCERATOR - Type toilets, suggest crush tablet before putting into system as not to DAMAGE the Mechanism.

STORAGE - Place 1/2 tablet into bottom cassette 1/2 fill with water and close, empty out when ready to use again.

Slow release (blue) for use in larger holding tanks and are storing longer periods.


One full tablet per 10-14 days depending on numbers using the toilet.

Bowl & Seat Use the same method as explained for the fast tablet crush 1/4 tablet dissolve in hot water and use accordingly.

How to Break the Tablet.
       Place one tablet flat down on palm of your hand, take another tablet in the other hand and on its edge tap ion the centre pf the tablet LIGHTLY.

SHOWER base - Place tablet on far corner of shower base & leave, this will slowly break down cleaning the pipe leading to the tank.

SINK - Break 1/4 tablet & flush with hot water down the sink (recommend do this often)

ADVANTAGES - Disinfect, Deodoriser and Cleans
                      Contains no Harmful chemicals
                      Safe for Septic& Bio systems.
                      Protects rubber seals
                      No other products required


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